Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Beginning

On our most recent hiking trip to Baxter State park an idea came to me on my way down the mountain. This was after I had quit--started again--quit again and finally made it to the top of South Turner Mountain after a phone call from the summit with Richie telling me I had to finish (the summit was worth it). So on my way down you could say I was pretty proud of myself, happy, and having fun. One conversation led to another and we began talking about all of the "adventures" (as we like to call them) we had been on in the four years we have been dating. It's one of my favorite things to do. Usually after every trip, I can never get home fast enough to tell everyone about everything we did; all the laughs, the quirks, and fun things we saw along the way. And that's when the idea popped into my head, "Why don't we start writing it all down?!". I had been toying with the idea of a journal for about a year now but in 2012 what's better than writing your own blog? (Even if it's just for the two of us). So here we are. We now have the task of  going back to the beginning, June of 2008, and writing down what we remember best from our trips; and we have been extremely fortunate to have been some great places together. Richie remembers all the silly things I do, like lose keys in the ocean, and how I hate waking up for his early morning adventures. I remember the food--and which hotel had the best soaps and pillows. And from here on out, we will tell our stories to who ever might be reading. 

Please Enjoy !!!

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